Our Objectives


The Audrey Golf Resort Members Club is a unique private members club, meant to satisfy the social, health and fitness needs of the exclusive members, their families and guests. It also co-ordinates the activities of individuals and organizations within the hospitality industry and facilitates equitable access to the benefits and resources of the industry by all interested members. It is uniquely crafted as an escape from modernity to simple rustic Luo cultural and traditional village feeding life style.

Set up in a serene environment and captures the village ambience, the club envisions to be a true home a way from home for member in the Countryside with International outlook. The management aims at ensuring that the infrastructure, facilities and services at the Club meet world class standards at the lowest cost possible while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and competitiveness.
To address this and effectively carry out our mandate, it is imperative that we develop a strategic concept to identify key strategic issues that need be considered in addressing the current global challenges of Human feeding lifestyle as it relates to the LUO Cultural diversity.


We are a perfect countryside travel destination for corporate and business meetings. Our African grass roofed cottages splendidly meets the needs of a modern discerning business traveler. To blend with this concept, we have provided with a mini Olympic size swimming pool, a fabulous Luo styled garden bar, restaurant and lush traditional gazeebos. The Club is an affectionate blend of pleasure and business, a true country tranquility in the countryside.

Description of club:

This is The Audrey Golf Club, an exclusive members-only club that celebrates Golf sport activities, Luo Traditional foods in their original forms and natural health and fitness The Audrey Golf Club is an unincorporated proprietary club which begins as an off hand idea, a rather simple question about the increasingly diminishing Luo feeding culture, style and healthy cooking methods, limitations of Luo offered food, it is an idea about how Luo community can rejuvenate and revive back their feeding on traditional foods, eating habit and to resuscitate the old healthy living, and the limitless possibilities that could be explored to share own individual cultures and to let other cultures enjoy luo cultural food The collective love of food, curiosity and passion should bring members together to establish Luo traditional and cultural feeding methods and to organize regular Luo cultural feeding day to enable the community to reinvent and appreciate their extincting feeding culture. The platform also creates a forum for discussion topics.




The Audrey Golf Club offers you


    • Exclusive invitations and first access to Luncheons, dinners, menu tastings & events
    • Members events at no charge
    • First access to Food Travel Adventures
    • Access to The Audrey platform which allows you to create your own menu recommendations, enjoy indoor sporting activities, natural health and fitness like Aerobics, hiking, organized walking groups, team buildings
    • Discounts, perks and benefits from reciprocating partners
    • Regular updates about upcoming Events, Trips and Menu experiences


As The Audrey Golf club member, you will get exclusive invitations to dinners, menu tastings, meet ups, and even food travel adventures. As well as all this, you will meet interesting, visionary, and cosmopolitan people who have not only a big appetite for food but also for an exciting lifestyle.


Mission Statement:


The Audrey Golf Club aims to celebrate and to rejuvenate Luo eating culture through tailor made menus, weekly gatherings consisting of eating various Luo traditional food cuisines, playing golf activities, Indoor games and having fun discussions and organized trips to food festivals.


The Audrey Golf club members Benefits



The Audrey Golf Club member will enjoy all Golfing activities at no additional costs. The activities available are:


    • Golfing rules training
    • Parting practice and training
    • Short range practice and training




The club offers exclusive natural fitness activities like

    • Aerobics around and within the pool, on the lawns
    • Group walking and hiking at the Akara hills
    • Team building activities


  • Pool table
  • Dart
  • Board games
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