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The Audrey Golf Resort offers the definitive flexibility in guest accommodation. Located amidst richly landscaped gardens, in a serene country side, our spacious Garden Cottage Rooms gives you both the freshness and sophisticated feel. Set in a rustic ambience our rates vary according to the meal plan. The meal plans include bed and breakfast, half board and full board. The cottages are well installed with WiFi and TVs to enhance customer’s comfort. The room is ventilated all round to enable aeration in the room throughout the day. Our stone beds offer a great deal of body support which not only will be enjoyable for you but can actually help to improve your overall posture.


The rustic theme restaurant serves traditional cuisine and our delicacies are characteristic of our locality. Come and savor our authentic luo delicacies in impeccably set restaurant, gazebos in a natural and serene environment.


The Audrey Golf Resort has 2 bars; The main bar and The lounge bar, that offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 


The Audrey Golf Resort has a mini-Olympic size swimming pool that is big enough and caters for both adults and children. Manned by professional swimming instructors and guards, we guarantee you relaxation, peace and serenity, endless entertainment, beauty, and a lifetime of memories that you couldn’t get from any one other place.


The Audrey Golf Resort has a traditional kitchen where local foods are prepared. Some of the local foods prepared include; athola, aliya, bude, boiled omena, orenge, tumbukiza, omuogo, rabuon, rabolo, brown ugali, kienyeji chicken and many others.



The Audrey Golf Resort has a ground to host general work out activities and poolside aerobics. The aerobics are charged per session. Members are entitled to free aerobics. We also have team building activities and hiking.


Golf is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world, and with good reason. For the golf enthusiast or those with flair in this sport, we bring this experience closer at home. The Audrey Golf Resort provides a golf training range for guests to have a golfing experience.


We are a resort that accomplishes all – meetings, conferences, leisure, weddings, and excursions. Our Conference facility is all about serendipity and we cater for both half day and full day conferences.

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Come and savor our authentic luo delicacies in impeccably set gazebos in a natural and serene environment.

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